The floor is an important element in providing the comfort of the residence, the selection of carpet-coated flooring is a widely used alternative, especially for living rooms and bedrooms. In addition to beautifying the room carpets also provide indoor warmth. You plan on coating the floor of the house with a carpet? Recognize first some materials as a consideration so no one chooses the type of carpet to be used. For those of you who have a limited budget polypropylene floor carpet suitable for your use. Polypropylene floor carpet is made of synthetic material with a smooth texture. Polypropylene carpets can also be cleaned with water. Unfortunately, the threads on the polypropylene carpet are easily removed, the colors fade easily, and are thinner than other carpet types. If you are having problems with your carpet like there is a stain that you can not remove then it is time to use the service

Using nylon floor rugs will save you both in purchasing and maintenance. Nylon floor carpet is very easy in maintenance and easy to replace per part if there is damage. Nylon floor carpet is widely used for offices because it is cheap, easy to find in stores selling cheap rugs and easy maintenance when moving the nylon carpet location is also easy to move. The nylon material itself is made of plastic so it can be washed with water.