The view about the extent to which the safety of fermented foods for people with diabetes is quite confusing. Some views say some types of fermented foods can be quite harmful to people with diabetes. And the rest of the others precisely if diabetic food safe and good for consumption by people with diabetes. Fermented foods are formed from the process of protein fermentation. And yeast’s performance is focused on breaking down the amino acid component in the original food so that the textured food is softer. Precisely the fermentation process will help the food more easily digested because and absorbed by the body. While the fermentation process did not affect the increase in blood glucose levels. Want to cure diabetes? Then you can consume Somann, more info

But different things happen when we talk about fermented foods are processed foods rich in carbohydrates such as sticky rice, cassava, fruit juice, vegetables or milk. The fermentation process will involve certain bacteria and yeast which will then form the acidification process. From this process, an alcoholic compound, alcoholic sugar and a number of lactic acid components are formed. What is then feared is the fact that fermented foods from carbohydrate-rich foods will have a strong sweet taste. Is the sweetness in fermented foods safe for diabetics?