Deciding to focus on writing articles that are high in search of google can we take, just to be champion need many factors and also hard work, because there are thousands of bloggers who think the same as you who also want to master the best ranking in search engines, ie Ranking 1, or at least 3 large. To win the battle then pay attention to some important tips on how to write on a good blog, provides some tips; Understand how to write good and SEO for blogs is not enough, because for what for example we write and finally can rank 1 on google but it turns out the theme of writing no one is looking for it, for example just searched 10 times a month. For that reason, we suggest that you choose which keywords you’re looking for at least 5000 times a month.

The tool commonly used is Google Adwords Keyword Planner. With the help of this tool then we can easily know exactly how many times one keyword typed in Google and how the search level, whether low, medium or high. In addition, for those blogs already equipped with Adsense Ads can also know how to estimated price per click of these keywords so it is helpful in increasing the amount of income per day. However, prior to the optimization of keywords and articles, creating a SEO friendly template is also a major factor in raising the ranking of articles in search engines, because before the algorithm reads the article then it will first read the ‘template structure’ especially in terms of heading tags heading Is the secret behind all that success. For that, after knowing the secret, make sure to know also how to change your blog template.