Nitrogen Oxide is one of several known gas signal molecules and extraordinary additions due to the fact that it is a radical gas. It is the key biological messenger of vertebrates, who play a role in various biological processes. These are known bioproducts in almost all types of organisms, ranging from bacteria to plants, fungi, and animal cells. Nitrogen oxide, known as endothelium-derived relaxation factor (EDRF), is biologically endogenous from L-arginine, oxygen, and NADPH by various nitrogen oxide synthase (NOS) enzymes. Inorganic nitrate reduction may also serve to make nitrogen oxide. Best Nitric Oxide can be found in nitric oxide supplements.

Freedom of nitrogen oxide synthase, alternative pathways, creates a nitrate-nitrite-nitrogen oxide pathway, lifting nitrogen oxide through a sequential decrease in nitrate of food derived from plant foods. Nitrate-rich vegetables, especially green leafy ones, such as spinach, arugula, and beet root, have shown increased levels of cardioprotective nitrogen oxide with a reduction associated with blood pressure in people with pre-hypertension.