You could say the processor is the brain of the computer. For the size of the processor itself is small even smaller than other computer components. Although small the processor function is very large. Therefore if there is no processor, the computer can not work optimally. Therefore, if you will buy a laptop or computer, do not just look at the price and color alone but see also the processor specifications. Therefore you must know the best computer processor specifications that how you need. If you use a computer that can work with many applications then choose a high processor. Therefore to help you to get the best computer processor that suits your computer user needs. It’s good you follow the computer training to find out more about the best processor for your PC. Although there are several types of processors that you should know including specifications, such as.

AMD Processor A10-5800K. Advantages: Good for the FM2 user, very good for the use of computer system to be durable. A very controversial choice perhaps, because the price of AMD A10-5800K is less than a million, the advantages of AMD A10-5800K are on integration with AMD A10-5800K. The number of cores can be pushed up to 12, and there is also a 3-year warranty, an efficient choice instead, feeding me into the top 10 of these processors. Processor Intel Core i3-6100. Intel Core i3-6100 is the best cheapest PC processor from the core generation, I put this processor into the list for reasons of its price. For the performance itself is quite feasible with a speed of 3.7 GHz. Intel core i3 is the best processor based on friendly price.