There are some things that can be quite harmful or unpleasant to do, especially if you’re doing it in a room with an air conditioner. Some things can end up become worse if it’s being done in a room with AC. Things like smoking is actually not a good thing to do within in a room with a working air conditioner. It makes the room and your own body get stink, and it may also damage your air conditioner little by little. You can also check out aircon repair Singapore if your AC requires the best repair service.

Aside from that, bringing smelly things in a room with an air conditioner will just make it even smellier. The last thing that you want to bring to a room with an AC is Durian fruit. This fruit is smelly. Despite the fact that it tastes so sweet and yummy, some people, especially westerners can’t take the smell well. Unfortunately, it will be a lot worse if you bring something as smelly as Durian fruit to enter a room with a working AC.