Appearing cool with the help of accessories has become mandatory for those of you who like fashionable appearance every day. Just by adding a necklace, bracelet, and/or earrings, you can look more confident and stylish without having to bother. For those of you who like accessories ala motorcycle, you can get it by visiting our website, get stainless steel skull pendant which you can choose based on your taste.

The classic problem in the collection of accessories for everyday use especially those of metal and silver is the fading of color and luster. This is reasonable because the average metal used in fashion accessories for every day is not a precious metal like gold. This time, we will discuss how to care for necklaces of metal and silver are susceptible to fade due to frequent use and lack of care. And if you know how, not only easy to do but also useful to continue to make necklaces look like new.

The first and most important thing is storage. Necklace accessories are beautiful if displayed in an open cabinet or left hanging by the ornamental table in the room. However, allowing accessories of metal and silver necklaces in the open air will increase the risk of color fading and luster. Try to keep all the accessories in the jewelry box.

You can also put a piece of chalk or a packet of carbon/silica gel around the storage area of the necklace. Usually, on the purchase of plastic objects or in a shoebox, you will often find a small pack of carbon/silica gel. They will help absorb moisture and keep the storage conditions dry.

Wear necklace accessories after finished using perfume or hairspray. The chemical content of these products can dramatically change the color and luster of the accessories.

If the necklace looks dull, use a special cloth to wipe the metal and silver. This fabric is usually more rigid and able to restore the luster of metal and silver objects. After wiping, wash with warm water for extra care.

Clean the entire surface of metal necklaces on a regular basis. Simply use water or may be added with a special shampoo baby so as not to quickly damage the necklace quality. For a necklace with a complicated model, you may try using a pre-dipped toothbrush on water. Do not forget to dry perfectly.