Many things we can do to fill camp activities. Of the many that make a schedule of activity plans during the camp take place. Schedule of this plan is very important to be made and compiled. The goal is for our camping activities to run perfect, organized, fun and fun. Make a start from the place and time of departure, time of the location, up to time to go back home. Some examples of activities you can do during the camping are outbound activities, cooking, photo hunting, exploring the natural state around (forests, waterfalls, lakes, rivers), bonfire at night, when to sleep, when to wake up, barbeque, and much more. Then make the duration of time of each activity to be done. No less important is to predict the weather on the day of departure. By knowing the weather we can anticipate from the beginning when the weather is not what we expect, like rain. To protect you from rain, then you need a tent that can protect you like alps mountaineering tent.

Camping is the simplest and most relaxing vacation option, a golden opportunity to reestablish bonds with your family or the people closest to you, escape the city noise and unite with the splendor of nature, and sleep under the stars. However, there is always something that makes the moment so chaotic. Camping can mean stinging heat or rain floods, mosquitoes and leeches, poisonous mushrooms and poison ivy. In other words: not all camp areas are created equally. Not many people know that the camp environment has an important part in the success of your camping adventure.

Learn deeply about your destination, how the plant ecosystem and animal life (whether or not there is a wild animal) before you actually go camping, by browsing the campsite or online forums. Official campsites can also provide you with and general information about the camp rules and regulations, fees, and life of the flora and fauna in it. The area where you stick the tent pegs is also important to learn from afar. Beginner campers are often trapped in a non-strategic camping area – no shade, grass, and other camper traffic areas. A good tent area has shade (twigs or big trees), grass, and flat ground.